The Badass Academy- Online Learning and Coaching for Powerful, Authentic and Resillient Women





I’m Rachel Shumway.

Certified Life and Badassery Coach.

Authenticity. Mindset and Emotional Resilience.

Online Courses for High-Performing Badass Women

IntroDucing: the badass academy


Pillar 1. Choosing discomfort and vulnerability of growth

Skill 1 God-Spirit trust and connection
Skill 2 Mind-body trust and connection
Skill 3 Create, feel, visualize and redirect emotion
Skill 4 Embrace Uncertainty and Discomfort

Pillar 2 Live authentically

Skill 5 Self-Acceptance
Skill 6 Clarity of Purpose in Life
Skill 7 Confidence in Building and Maintaining Relationships
Skill 8 Assertive Communication

Pillar 3. Play Big- Don't settle for cheap counterfeit

Skill 9: Create Physical and Emotional Safety through self-care
Skill 10: Stand for what you believe
Skill 11: Set high personal development goals
Skill 12 Fail Forward and Rise with Resillience

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Badassery Definition:

Choosing to live in the discomfort of vulnerability, fear and courage that comes with living an authentic life.

Not settling for a a cheap counterfeit.
because you desire a life filled with truth, passion and vision that is not possible when you settle for quick fixes and a closed heart.

Here’s What I Know is True About You:

You’ve had visions of yourself walking into a room and having everyone’s head turn. “Who’s that chick? Her energy is so grounding.”

When you look to your future, you see a path lit with sparkles.

Possibility, brightness, idea, flow, service and creation are your guideposts

You are IN the arena, fighting tooth and nail to overcome every obstacle. Covered in dirt, sweat, tears, filled with joy, commitment and growth,

You desire to be surrounded by other warrior princesses.

You say yes to getting your hands dirty when for the sake of standing in your truth.

You desire the courage to say no to what you believe is wrong.

You love deeply, feel deeply and grow holistically.

You want to honor your intuition and your executive capacities. You honor the fem and masc in you, and do not squash either in favor of the other

You are grateful for the body you have, and want to keep healthy and strong and nurtured, so you can continue taking over the world with your love and sass.

You desire freedom in your life. Be it physical freedom of work and travel, or emotional freedom from addiction, strained relationships or mental illness.


In love with your self. In love with your body. In love with your life.

you’ve had visions of yourself breaking glass ceilings on the way to serving the socks off your people and loving those around you.

you have felt the call of your purpose and you on on the path to rediscover it.

you are committed 



tHE BADASS ACADEMY Creates a container where BADASSERY skills can be taught, honed, understood and practiced before going out to battle.

a hospital to tend to the wounds that occur in our daily lives, and a sisterhood to heal and support as we all walk our own unique path.

the badass academy does not just teach classes. we heal souls.

we see and nurture the seeds of potential in every individual.

we dismiss negative bullshit stories that tell us we are not enough, we can’t do it, the naysayers are too loud and its just not in the cards for us.

we create love.
we create money.
we create relationships.
we build families
we dismantle outdated social constructs.






  •  You do not believe that quick and easy fixes are truly the answer to the condundrums of life.
  • You are not interested in settling or playing small.
  • A voice inside you calls and says “I want you to try for a little bit more. Don’t give up.”
  • Personal development is a sacred responsibility, not a source of entertainment.
  • You are not looking for a magical solution to all life’s problems
  • Simply “being happy” is not the highest goal for your life. You know that life is more than happiness. You desire a holistic experience.
  • Complaining, bitching and moaning is not how you like to show up in your life.
  • You are not a lone wolf. While you know you are a badass, capable of moving mountains, you also know that one woman’s badassery exponentializes itself when combined with others.



How to Live Authentically,

Navigate Vulnerably

and Dream Ferociously.



Begin with Vulnerability



You set a goal that makes your pants feel fiery and hot.


Your intuition tingles with excitement.


THIS is it.


And then you fail.


It does not work out.


Fear comes in and doubts surface “maybe you should give up.”


But you face that fear right in the face.

Instead of running away and believing your naysaying brain, you recognize the truth;

what is on the other side of fear is actually WAY less scary than you thought it would be.

You know that on your way to your dreams, you will have to take risks.

You will have to be vulnerable.

You will fail a million times.

But you adore all your efforts and keep going when things don’t go as planned.

You launch the dang thing.
Kick the dang habit.

Find the dang love of your life.

Make the dang money.

Say the dang thing.

You feel amazing and connected to yourself and your body.

You believe deeply in the support of God/Angels/Universe in every cell of your being.


Dare to Fail Boldly and Badassedly.

You know you can provide for yourself.

You have solid routines in place for keeping your mind, body and spirit connected.


You decide what you want. you don’t wait for it to fall from the sky.


Emotional safety, financial stability, mental health and career growth are taken care of.

You know you have your own back and you know when to ask for help.


You honor your desires.


Your goals are clear, mapped out and inspiring.



They are also stretching.



You want an unrealistically amazing life right?


SMART goals are no match for you.


Because you are willing to embrace the discomfort of massive growth.


You explore different ideas with curiosity.


You make allow space for your beliefs to shift


Learning is a game.


You crave failure like you used to crave doughnuts. And you prefer the long-term joy from delayed gratification.


When you fail, you say “damn that hurt. I feel down and that is OK. But I want to keep trying, because this is important to me.”


You have the emotional resilience of steel.


So you reach higher.


And you rise, until your ceilings are broken and your mind is blown by your own badassery.


You share the outpouring of high-vibe inspiration with everyone around you



Live Authentically



When you walk in a room, you feel inspired, grounded and firm in who you are.


You have a tangible awareness of the strengths inside you.



When people ask you what you are good at, you can answer with precision.


You have confidence in your to make  meet new people, love yourself and give abundantly in all your relationships.


You know your boundaries.


You say yes to to challenges and say no when something feels wrong.


You are filled with love for those you serve.


Discernment between danger, groupthink and truth.


Power in words, opinnions, actions and decisions.


You BRING the value to every conversation without shame or modesty.


You take pride in your badassery and know it is a gift to share it with those you connect with.



Each person you touch feels brighter than when you found them.


You know yourself deeply.



And when a part of you is struggling, you tend to the wounds with the tender care of Nala’s mom when she is cleaning her.


Ok maybe more gentle.

You get the idea. You use love to heal your emotional wounds.

Food, alcohol, shopping, gambling and other instant gratifications?

No thanks. You have a Wonderwoman status life to attend to.

Each part of you is given voice.


You value your emotions and do not write them off or judge them.

There are no “should be feeling XYZ’s” in your emotional vocabulary

Self-care is not just bubble baths for the body

You outpour bubbles of comfort and emotional love on yourself

You are a literal walking bubble bath of luxury and warmth.





how it works

Monthly Study Vault Class
Each Month we cover a different component of badassery. This 45-1 hour class expains the monthly assignment, and teaches you a coaching tool for you to start applying right away.

Monthly Workbook and Assignment

After you finish the class, you can dig into the journal prompts and workbooks.

The class teaches you the tools.

You apply them on your own.

If you opt for the Group Couching Route, you can bring all your questions to the Facebook community and coaching calls when you get stuck.

Every month has 30 days worth of prompts that you can come back to at any time, whenever you need. 

You can go at your own pace. Badasses are not in a hurry 🙂 

I am Rachel freaking Shumway.

Certified Life and Badassery Coach.

When I was 9 years old, I remember sitting in a chapel in church, listening to the choir sing and looking up to the ceiling.

As silly or woo-ey as it might sound, I saw, in my minds eye a vision of myself flying and singing, surrounded by an energy of love and warmth and healing.

The only way I new how to describe it at the time was badassery. It felt warm and true and good and resilient.

One year later, I was diagnosed with depression. An abusive friendship followed. I worked random jobs that seemed completely disconnected and irrelevant. In many ways I was lost.

My inner child was beaten down, and I had little concept of what I was meant to do with my life.

But I never forgot that vision of myself, and the sound of the voice I sang, how it made me feel alive. Through the darkest of depression, the voice always said to me “Rachel, keep focusing on what you know to be true.”


I have had many challenges in my life. We all do- its  a wonderful part of being a human on planet earth. And through each challenge I have grown in resilience. Learning how to feel my way through difficult emotions and rise on the other side with a perspective that says “Wow that was killer. But I am so grateful for that experience.”


I do not shy away from challenges. 3 weeks after the end of my 5 year marriage, I picked up and move to China. Me, my luggage and emotional baggage moved across the world and I had the experience of rebuilding my sense of identity from zero. 

No expectations from others around me, no support from others, just me, and a vision of a future I was fiercely committed to, where I knew exactly who I was, I stood for what I believed, I loved myself with a fire that he never did, and poured that love out into the world in a co-creative process with God/Angels/Universe.


Through the relocation, my depression and divorce, I created a process to get me through the challenges that call for soul-stretching growth. 



The Badass Academy is built on this process. The framework of who I am today is built on the pillars of embracing discomfort, living authentically and never settling for cheap counterfeights of joy, as enticing as they might seem.


Because what I believe:

Life is a forging chamber.

It is meant to have moments of total ecstasy, joy, play, excitement, peace and power.

And wholehearted living means that the whole human experience also contains moments of grief, loss, depression, pain, discomfort and vulnerability.


A badass says yes to all of it. Its what I said yes to and continue to say yes to.

And it is the most rewarding journey I have ever placed myself on.

The International women who walk beside me on this journey can attest to the power of truth rising within spirit to cut through the bullshit that transpires in this world.

We don’t complain. We just pour magic on it so it can heal itself.



If you want to go at your own pace and just want the tools.


if you want accountability from a small group of warrior princesses walking the same path.

VIP 1-1

If you have been in the badass academy for 2 consecutive months, and want more laser-focused love and support from me.

How is the self-study option different than the group-coaching?
Self-study does not include access to the FB community. You still get the classroom training, workbook raining and homework, but it it all self-paced. The Group coaching includes the FB community and weekly coaching calls for you to work on application of the materials.
How can I apply for 1-1 VIP access?
Once you have been in the group program for 2 months, you can apply for VIP 1-1 coaching. I do it this way so you have time to watch the foundational videos, and get a handle on being coached. If you wish to apply right away, I occasionally do make exceptions, so just shoot me an email and we can chat and see if its right for you.
Do you offer payment plans?

Yep I do. More details on that when doors open.

What is the Waitlist for?
The waitlist is so you can be notified once the doors are about to open. At that time, you will receive an exclusive notification email with the date, as well as more details to the program so you can decide what is right for you.
What should I expect once I join the waitlist?
An amazing email letting you know you are on the waitlist. Check spam and add to your contacts folder so you know for sure you’ll be notified. I will also send you some badass-inducing emails for you to marinade on while the doors prepare to open.
When will the Waitlist Open?
Very soon. The goodies are brewing, so just hold tight babe, make sure you are on the waitlist and that is in your contacts and out of spam
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