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Badass Eating Secret 1


forget willpower to stop sugar cravings. use your superpower.


that the a**hole voice in your head, saying what you

SHOULD or SHOULD eat,SHOULD or SHOULNT weigh etc..

Was just a sign of a 100% human brain?

That your sugar cravings are normal and changeable? That you can stop overeating, lose weight and restore a feeling of control around food?

I’m Rachel Shumway.

Certified Life and Badassery Coach.

I’m a Weight Loss Expert, Mindset Coach

and Wholehearted Living Guide.

I help women say yes to their inner badass. 

You ARE A CHAMPION IN other areas of life.

smart and successful.



why is sugar still a struggle?


There are two ways to eat. Like an a**hole, where you give your body crude fuel, underfuel or overfuel, overwork or overrest or anywhere in between. 

Or like a badass. With love. With connection, with power, and with intuition and precision.

 A**hole eating is a common thing, and the as “normal” strategies obviously dont work.

What this means is that you are totally normal. And it means that in order to stop overeating, all you need is a different strategy.

Not a different diet, but a mindset shift.

You can make your brain not crave sugar.


Here’s What I Know is True About You:


You desire epic levels of self-care.

You get cravings for sugar and processed foods frequently.


You have some idea of what an ideal diet would be.


Sometimes, you eat when you are not hungry. And then you feel guilty.


You want to wake up feeling energized, fueled, excited about your life.


You want to enjoy food, but not too much. 


You care about your health and healthy eating


You care about your body


You want to feel comfortable in your own skin and lose the excess weight


You want your outer badass to match your inner badass.


I also know that on the deepest level, you believe you can kick this habit.


This is for you if you are truly ready to stop overeating.

If you are ready for something that feels ENERGIZING , instead of a crash diet, a restrictive, short term fix, or something you would never think of feeding to your best Gfriend.

Because here is the truth- you ALREADY know how to eat like a badass.

You were born with that knowledge.

You are just a couple small shifts away, starting with Secret 1.

Experience the #1 Mindset Shift to Stop Sugar Cravings and Start Eating like a Badass.

In just 14 days, you can have the crucial foundational mindset for complete freedom from sugar cravings.



You wake up and see yourself in the mirror.

You wink and grin at yourself. You giggle at your disheveled hair and just-woken up face.

You are a well-rested. You arent bogged down by thoughts of food you “shouldnt have” eaten.

You live your day feeling relaxed and competent.

You have challenges, of course, but food is not one of them. You have all of your attention and focus to give to the people you are ready to serve.

At the end of a long day, the thought of grabbing an ice cream on the way home
doesn’t cross your mind.

Even in life’s challenges, you are filled with self-love

When you do have cravings, you are easily able to dismiss them, instead of engaging in the same old back and forth with your brain that usually ends up with peanut butter and oreos.

You give yourself grace for who you are now, and you have the freedom of knowing that if you fail, you won’t go back to old habits


Secret 1 to Stop Overeating. The Mindset Shift, presented to you in a password protected, lifetime access study vault.

Stop Eating Like an A**hole.

Start Fueling like a Badass.

From discomfort and urges to confidence and freedom

From instant gratification to long-term pleasure

From lots of  yucky feelng food-related brain chatter to acceptance of where you are and belief in your ability to CREATE your  ideal eating style..

From false pleasure, to authentic, luxurious self-regard

Whats inside this offer? Ebooks and Workbooks and Meditations! Oh My!

Eat Like a Badass Ebook

The Meat of the Offer.

Inside this e-book, you will learn about why willpower does not work and why your brain is 100% normal if you have a tendency to overeat.

You’ll learn why general a**hole eating is not a sign of brokenness, but just your brains way of talking.

You can start changing from NEUTRALITY and BELIEF instead of a harsh critic.

Create your Ideal Food Day Meditation

 Ever wake up feeling drama about what you’ll eat today?

This meditation will help you plan the food you’ll eat, and your experience of it.

Starting from excitement, peace and awareness so that you start your day with a powerful and positive outlook plants the seeds for a new way of eating to grow.

Eat Like a Badass Secret 1 Companion Workbook

Take Learning to a Whole New Level.
Inside this workbook, you will explore the knowledge you learned from the ebook and apply it to you! That way, you are not just learning about WILLPOWER, but you are learning about YOU too!

Its one thing to read a book, its one thing to ENCODE the book into your brain so it enhances your amazing super-humanness.

Natural Body Weight without the Rush and Deprivation

Feel confident and in-control around food today

Fuel your body without willpower

Have full brainpower to focus on your LIFE, not on Food and avoiding cravings


If you used your already existing SUPERPOWERS to eat like abadass, instead of trying to muscle your way through a plate of less-than-palateable soup,


Hi im Rachel Shumway

The Badassery Coach.

I was first introduced to Geneen Roth years ago. I binge consumed all her books, the way I consumed most things back in the day. . I consumed everything she wrote, took notes, and for and doing everything she said to do. I kept up with everything she taught.

But I still couldn’t stop overeating. Intuitive eating, eating all the things, eating none of the things. Meditation, prayer, journaling- all the things. But nothing worked.

For 12 years I lived in this battle with overeating. I kept collecting puzzle pieces about food that I thought would finally have things make sense.

It wasnt until I learned the 3 secrets, starting with Secret 1- willpower does not work, that everything started to come together.

I started exercising because I wanted to. I started enjoying my food. I started TASTING my food instead of eating it like a madman running for its life.

I lost the extra weight, and my binges started decreasing, slowly and steadily, until they became distant memories.

I started learning from mis-steps, and letting go immediately when I ate in a way my body didnt like, instead of letting it fester for weeks.

And then, I started coaching women on it.  Go from self-loathing to self love, from feeling small to feeling glorious and powerful.

This coaching process helps my clients not just lose the weight, but live into the biggest-badassiest selves they had hiding behind their hurtful self-stories.

Sharing this work changed and STILL changes my my life.  I want it to change yours too.

MMKAY Wait though. Because BONUSES!!!!! ~

More Accountability, More Step-By Steps and More Convenience!
Grow Upwards Learn Forwards 14 Day Accountability Journal

Sometimes you start something. And then daily life stuff comes up, and you forget about the habit you are trying to build.

That is why I created this journal- to guide you daily on this journey and provide journal prompts to help you keep moving forwards and learning from the opportunities presented in every day life.

Every day gets a little bit better, until BAM! Who needs willpower anymore?

Eat Like a Badass Secret 1 Audiobook

For on the go listening.

All the same juicy transformation, but in audio-form for on the go listening whenever you want a little boost.

Create your Ideal Diet Visualization Checklist

To be used with the mediation or as a standalone!

Experts say that writing down your goals makes you 75% more likely to achieve them.

Can you imagine how powerful this would be if you did that every single day?

This worksheet is here to help you tell your brain exactly what you want it to do, instead of letting it run on old autopilot habits.

ebook value= $40

workbook value=$25

meditation value=$7

Checklist value= $15

audiobook value=$40

accountability journal value=$30

Total value: $147 

Price with Discount: $37




you are tired of diets and you dont want to start on another food plan that you know won’t work.

As soon as you can recignize the A*SSHOLE food voice, you can tell it to shut up. and you can redirect powerfully using the inner-light of your divine badass.

Tomorrow, you can practice LOVING yourself into change.

You can feel vibrant and hopeful and confident. Starting. Right. Now.

  When this program is delivered to your inbox, you can get started right away. Don’t let another day pass you by.

I am really busy with other responsibilities- how much time will it take to get through the program?
This book is my most distilled version of this information. Ive boiled everything down into bite-sized chunks so the information is easy to digest. In addition, there is also an audio file to accompany it, so you can listen on the go. Each workbook section can be finished in less than an hour, though you can take more time if you want!
How can I maintain progress after I finish the book and exercises?
These materials are for life boo. You can go through them as many times as you need, until you really feel they are a new part of your being. You will know that’s happened because you will think about food less, and you’ll notice the brain loop around food will quiet down. You can also work through the 14 day grow upwards journal for as long as you need. Its designed to be repeated.
I have tried other food plans before- why is this one any different?
Most diet plans tell you what food to eat. And if you’re anything like me, being told what to eat doesn’t last long. The goal here is not to tell you WHAT to eat. You already know that. But instead to address the root cause of why you are overeating in the first place. Once you understand that, deciding what to eat is straightforward.r
How soon should I expect to see results?
Once you have the mindset shift, you will see results in the way you approach food immediately. The deeper you understand and apply the concept, the faster you will see results. 10000% true is if you really set aside time to go through the workbook and journal- I’ve seen it happen overnight.
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