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Five Ways to Measure Progress- Creation vs Being Results

Transcript: Alright friends, how’s it going today? It is a solid 16 degrees here in Colorado, and yes that is in C because I am missing China like a mofo today. It seems that everywhere I go, I am seeing signs of China. I have these pin brooches that say “hao shi fa shen” which…

11. How to Not Be Fake and Stop People Pleasing

Welcome friends to this episode! Here, we are going to talk allllll about people pleasing. What does it mean to be a people pleaser, how and why to drop that identify and how to tell if you are self-advocating using manipulation vs boundaries. Because here is the truth friends, boundaries are not a tactic to…

15. Cultivate Self-Confidence Before Being an Expert

Hello all! Intro: So nice to meet you, welcome to Coach Certification program. Today’s lesson is going to be amazing as we will be to talk about self-confidence. In my own coaching practice, I help type-a women use this unique skill to speak up and tell their husbands what they want. And in that, there…

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