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The Badass Academy

Badassery Definition:

Choosing to live in the discomfort of vulnerability, fear and courage that comes with living an authentic life.

Not settling for a a cheap counterfeit.

Because you desire a life filled with truth, passion and vision that is not possible when you settle for quick fixes and a closed heart.

Redefining Badassery

Badassery means so much more than achieving amazing things.
It is emotional resillience, loving yourself wholeheartedly and embracing your quirks as well as your superpowers.

You are Allowed to Want What you Want.

Have you ever had thoughts like…

Who am I to start a business?
I want to find McDreamy, but I don’t really think someone could love me like I need.
I’d love to move to the coast of Spain and explore siestas an tapas.. but I don’t deserve such an adventure yet.
Whether you don’t feel worthy of having what you want, you doubt your ability to create it, or simply imagining the possibility brings a torrent of doubtful bull-shitting thoughts, please know….
You are totally normal.
Your brain is normal, your dreams are ready for you to birth them into the world and you are worthy each badass vision that has flitted across your mind.
It is simply a matter of setting the stage and taking aligned action, ferociously and wholeheartedly, untill you get there.

When I came to Rachel, I felt overwhelmed. I spent a lot of time procrastinating and was stuck in aiming for perfection.

I started noticing changes in my confidence and self-compassion and the time it took me to complete my work tasks.

I am Overcoming procrastination, putting myself out there and saying how I feel more and more now.

Rachel was very good at getting to the root of an issue and I would highly recommend her services for anyone who is ready to stop procrastinating and take action.

Claire B

Life Coach, Bloom with Claire

True Badasses are Wholeheartedly human.

I know… Crazy Right? Not perfect. In fact… simply humans.

The traditional definition of badass is essentially describing a perfect human, who never feels bad, has mental health challenges or a love-hate relationship with ice cream.


Great news- its a lie.

Badassery does not require you to have all your shit together.
In fact, it requires you bringing your whole self to the table.
Let it be messy. Let it be broken. Let it be wierd and quirky.
I invite you to consider a new take on badassery.

The Badassery Framework



Mind-Body Connection
Self-Spirit Connection
Emotional Hygene
Navigate Difficult Emotions



Purpose Clarity
Relationship Connection



Epic Self-Care
Have your Own Back
Strategic Goal-Setting
Failure Resilience

Badass Results….

Balance Vulnerability and Boundaries 

Release Anxiety and Self-Judgement 

Cultivate Loving Relationships

I love working with Rachel as she is acting as a strategist, provoker and a cheerleader. In her own unique way, Rachel challenges me to be out of my comfort zone, cuts through my inner dialogue and view things in a bigger picture to infinite possibilities.

In just 2 sessions, I notice shifting in my mindset, clarity, and potentials, and how I want to include these into my long-term vision. Rachel is observant, reads people extremely well, and her sincerity in wanting to serve others is the real deal.

Rinnie H.

Founder- Core Pilates , Shanghai

About Me

I am your Life, Weight, Confidence and Badassery coach, and I have a superpower.

I can tell the future and see you, exactly as you want to be 6 months from now.

Walking with strut and sass and sparkle and feeling comfortable in your own skin. With energy and inner strength that comes from pleasing yourself and having your own back, first and foremost.

I know, you probably think that you are an exception to the rule, that being a badass is too out of reach for you because are struggling with getting by some days.

But those days are what make you special. They do not detract from your badassery.

I am going to share all my tools with you, so that you can skip the drama of learning how to your love oneself by seeking validation from others, and focus on LOVING YOU exactly as you are, right now.

Why Badassery Coaching?

The magic of coaching, compared to reading personal development material and self-coaching, is having an objective perspective.

Which helps you notice decision making patterns, emotional states, and not-so-useful beliefs.

Even though you are one smart cookie, it’s hard to see outside your perspective sometimes.

So often, I see crazy successful people consuming podcasts, books, videos, going through certification programs and journaling till their hands go numb, and still feel there is something missing.

Even worse, they use this awareness against themselves and go into self-judgement and doubt.

Apply Your Knowledge

With Badassery Coaching, you don’t just passively consume information and wonder HOW to impliment those nuggets in your life. You can ask questions about where you are stuck. You can get all the negativity out.

Lack of confidence is not a problem.

 If you have never created a soul-freeing business before, its not because you lack confidence. It is probably because you over-complicating it. What if it could be easy?

I Can Be Your Guide

As a mirror, standing in soverign belief of who you can be.
Unflinchingly, as you tell me doubts, your stories and your shadows.

Safety is #1

Coaching is a soft, safe container for you to catapult you into success, faster and more easseful than you could imagine.

When I came to Rachel, I felt stressed and unconfident. I spent a lot of time blaming myself, comparing myself with other people and was stuck with a choice between pregnancy and work. Because of coaching, I started noticing changes in attitude towards myself, at work and in my family.

I know that I’m as capable to work in abroad as other rather successful expats and that I can change my life any time if I want to. In relationships, I tell my partner what I like or don’t like, ask for help if needed. I create my own life story and pay better attention to my feelings.

I would definitely recommend Rachel for coaching in confidence, stress management, relationships and to anyone who wants to feel more in charge of their life

In just 2 sessions, I notice shifting in my mindset, clarity, and potentials, and how I want to include these into my long-term vision. Rachel is observant, reads people extremely well, and her sincerity in wanting to serve others is the real deal.

Mariia M

Project Manager, Suzhou

My Journey


Through the relocation, my depression and divorce, and overcoming intensive disordered eating, I created a process to get me through the challenges that call for soul-stretching growth.

We all have challenges. And while I don’t believe in identifying myself as a victim or victor over challenges, I do know that who I am today is a result of my experiences.

Chapter One

I started taking anti-depressants when I was 11, after I failed multiple classes in grade-school, due to a learning setting that didnt work for my ADHD brain.
Through this I learned about the mask I presented to the world as a defense mechanism
And how to make open loving space for my inner child to heal.
The teachers didnt know how to teach my ADHD brain , my peers didnt understand dad jokes, and I felt totally isolated. So I started people pleasing to try and belong.
There was always an inner rebel inside that said “Rach… what are you doing? Why am I not enough?” At the time, I didnt know how to listen to her, which sparked a desire to figure out how to honor my inner truth.

Chapter Two

I got married at 19 to trot across the globe to Hunan China, where I felt an isolation I’d never felt before. Amidst the isolation and depression, I discovered binge eating for the first time.
After years of belittling comments, attempts at healthy communication and learning how to set boundaries, I made a promise that I would find a way through the relational and self-inflicted pain.
The warrior inside kept pressing. “Rachel, you are worth more. This not who you are.”

Chapter Three

Binge eating taught me how to love my body, feel my emotions and belief in my inner strength. I learned how to commit wholeheartedly, learn with love and explore my life with curiosity instead of judgement.
Divorcing my husband was a piece of cake. Moving to China- not too bad. But binge eating was the darkest tunnel for me to work through. Yet it taught me how to love myself and my body unconditionally, even when I was really struggling.
Each obstacle helped me learn a new skill, a new way of turning TOWARDS myself. Of growing my confidence in my ability to navigate any challenge

What Could Coaching Support Me With?

Slay Life Transitions

Expand your Business

Create Epic Self-Confidence

Cassie F

Because of this work, I have a lot better handle and control over my emotions-

I let myself handle my anxious and anger feelings until I feel ready to move on. I feel them and just let them go.

The old me have lashed out in anger and started a fight with people about feeling anxious and angry. But I dont anymore.

Instead, I ask for what I need and handle conversations better with my boyfriend better than ever..


How it Works

During out three months together, we explore your confidence levels, identify your superpowers and discover areas of your life where you have kicked ass. And learn from those successes.

From a place of acceptance and celebration, we apply that knowledge to your unique challenges using confidence transfers, success evaluations or other juicy tools tailored to your situation.


Using a 4-step process, we break down your goal into bite-sized chunks, plan for obstacles and create badass strategies.

Each obstacle will stir the pot and bring up all the doubts. That is a beautiful thing because as you overcome each doubt, you get one step closer to success, all the while celebrating you.

The only difference between A and Z is 24 letters. We plan for each one.

Then you take this process into any area you desire greater self-love, confidence, celebration and punch fear in the face.

Each session provides shifts that add up to quantum leaps as we use strategy, spiritual truths, woo and mindset in a perfect potion. Wherever you start is perfect.

As a direct result of the coaching sessions, with Rachel I finally made the decision to set up my own company and go back to physical activity.

I feel more in power of my decisions, more clear on what I want to achieve and my next steps. I now know that “bad things can happen in life’ but so what? I can handle them.

Rachel’s coaching services can help you to identify destructive patterns in your thinking and find ways how to overcome them. I would highly recommend her and her coaching services for anyone who is ready to level up in their life.

Miriam Dabrowa

Founder, Virgo Magazine

Why You are Worth It…

You are the kind of woman who give it her all. In your learning, your self-improvement, your health and fitness, your relationships, you have grit.

You have warts, sure, but isn’t that what makes you the missing puzzle piece for someone elses warts? (Strange metaphor I know.)


You press forward not just so you can feel better, but because you desire to serve others with your example.


To build a community. A hobby and passion whose innovation changes the world for the better.


Your words comfort others. Your presence heals. Your example ignites a fire inside your fellow spiritual warriors.


If you’re looking for a PERSONALIZED coach who will walk with you every step of the way as you unpack your limiting beliefs and help you to adopt a healthier, happier mindset- I could not recommend Rachel enough!!

I wish more coaches would take the time to get to know me and understand my life and what I struggle with the most like Rachel did.

She offered me help that is catered to me PERSONALLY instead of just pitching a one-size-fits-all coaching program. After working with her I feel more capable of steering my mind in any direction I choose, and as a result I am more able to manage a busy work/school/family schedule.”

I feel more in power of my decisions, more clear on what I want to achieve and my next steps. I now know that “bad things can happen in life’ but so what? I can handle them.

Rachel’s coaching services can help you to identify destructive patterns in your thinking and find ways how to overcome them. I would highly recommend her and her coaching services for anyone who is ready to level up in their life.

Carly G

Computer Programmer, ShuiTan Inc

This transformation begins with 
one decision.

And it extends to your daughters, nieces, best friends.

Your loved ones cannot do the work, or make this decision from you.
Yet they will benefit from the ripple effects of your growth.

 Your transformation is building a legacy that will change generations to come.

What Happens in the Chemistry Call?

Inside the chemistry call, we feel out if there is chemistry between you and me, and more importantly, ignite chemistry between you and your future self.
We look at what is working and not working in each area of your life.
What are your dreams? What are your feelings? What are the most important things to you? Why do you have the current results in your life?
And we dig into your deepest reasons for your desires. Within this sacred space, you get to explore the impact of the changes you are being guided to make.
And live in the energy of what is possible for you.
From there, I provide feedback on skills you need to develop, emotional management techniques you can begin to cultivate, and what obstacles are in your way.
We build a ladder from where you are to where you want to go. (The only difference between A and Z is 24 letters.)

When I came to Rachel, I felt depressed and anxious. I spent a lot of time to put myself together and trying to stay stronger and was stuck in a unstable mentality that easily pull myself down to the dark

I think Rachel’s coaching session can provide people a different perspective of view to re-evaluate what we believed to certain things. I now have a tool can help me to discover the true reason behind my action pattern.

It makes me aware of my mindset and makes me believe that I do have several options to deal with my emotion.

I now believe that I have the ability to achieve things I want. All I have to do is to redirect my thought and let that thought serve me to acquire the things I want.

Rosa S

Project Manager

If you are having doubts like…

Can it really work for me?
What if I cannot figure it out?
What if my brain is just too stubborn?

I  had no idea the difference that coaching would make. That I’d be able to look at my body with love, truly believing that it was perfect. 

That I could make a goal, flow into the process, fail a ton and and still have a blast.

That even when I felt like shit, I could learn from my past, accept my present and be led by my future.

Curiosity. Compassion. Committment.
Curiosity. Compassion. Committment.
Curiosity. Compassion. Committment.

Taking the time everyday to work through the “Learning to Love You” worksheets has really helped me uncover what prevents me from loving myself.

I have become more confident and aware of who I really am, which is reducing my urge to binge.

It only took a few minutes each day, but those minutes were so valuable! I’m doing them again!

Megelyn Hokanson

Marriage and Family Therapist

You Can Decide Today.

Choosing something to act in committment to what your future holds requires bravery. is you going against the grain of your current habits.

Your life as it is now (which by the way is perfect and whole as you are,) You will be challenged to take actions you may have considered to be too hard.

You will start seeing results from day 1,

You learn the process of “unsticking yourself” and cultivating routines and processes that support your unique brain, energy levels and time constraints.

The decision starts today. It is the only moment you ever have.
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