The Badass Confidence Program

The Doors to The Badass Confidence Program are Finally Open!

Are you ready to run TOWARDS self-confidence

instead of being TRAPPED by fear of failure? 

To show up in your life, no matter the circumstances?
To have self-confidence, even in the face of fear?
To Keep trying, even if you fail?
To Pursue big dreams and let go of doubts?

Whether you are suffering from low energy, burnout, low-self esteem, body image or feeling isolated, this program will give you the exact tools you need to break out of low-self worth, and really know and believe in your self, your dreams and your badassery.

You know you can have it.

You’ve felt glimpses before.

You DESIRE that luscious relationship with yourself that is better than a warm bubble bath.

Now its time to take the right actions to create the confidence you are dreaming of.

If you want to feel more confident in your self, life, business and body, then this is the program for you!

Here’s what’s included:

+ 12 weeks of support through:

+ 24/7 Walkie Talkie Coaching (Coach in your pocket)

+ 12 Sessions of 1-1 Zoom Coaching

+ Applicable Workbooks and video modules

+ Access to the online library on a needs basis, which includes workbook, video and ebook resources on various personal development and self-love topics


Badassery -noun:

Choosing to live in the discomfort of vulnerability, fear and courage that comes with living an authentic life.
Not settling for a a cheap counterfeit.
because you desire a life filled with truth, passion and vision that is not possible when you settle for quick fixes and a closed heart.

These are a few of the incredible women we’ve helped create Badass-Level Confidence in this program. And You can too…

Check out what they have to say.

Rinnie H, Indonesia,Pilates Pro, Mother, Entrepreneur

I love working with Rachel as she is acting as a strategist, provoker and a cheerleader. In her own unique way, Rachel challenges me to be out of my comfort zone, cuts through my inner dialogue and view things in a bigger picture to infinite possibilities.

Over few sessions, I notice shifting in my mindset, clarity, and potentials, and how I want to include these into my long-term vision. Rachel is observant, reads people extremely well, and her sincerity in wanting to serve others is the real deal.

Mariia M, Russia, Executive Assistant

When I came to Rachel, I felt stressed and unconfident. I spent a lot of time blaming myself, comparing myself with other people and was stuck with a choice between pregnancy and work. Because of coaching, I started noticing changes in attitude towards myself, at work and in my family.

I know that I’m as capable to work in China as other rather successful expats and that I can change my life any time if I want to. In relationships, I tell my partner what I like or don’t like, ask for help if needed. I create my own life story and pay better attention to my feelings.

I would definitely recommend Rachel for coaching in confidence, stress management, relationships and to anyone who wants to feel more in charge of their life

Karly S, USA, Computer Coding Expert

If you’re looking for a PERSONALIZED coach who will walk with you every step of the way as you unpack your limiting beliefs and help you to adopt a healthier, happier mindset- I could not recommend Rachel enough!!

I wish more coaches would take the time to get to know me and understand my life and what I struggle with the most like Rachel did.

She offered me help that is catered to me PERSONALLY instead of just pitching a one-size-fits-all coaching program. After working with her I feel more capable of steering my mind in any direction I choose, and as a result I am more able to manage a busy work/school/family schedule.”

Hi, I’m Rachel!

I am your Life, Weight, Confidence and Badassery coach, and I have a superpower.

I can tell the future and see you, exactly as you want to be 6 months from now.

Walking with strut and sass and sparkle and feeling comfortable in your own skin. With energy and inner strength that comes from pleasing yourself and having your own back, first and foremost.

I know, you probably think that you are an exception to the rule, that being a badass is too out of reach for you because are struggling with getting by some days.

But those days are what make you special. They do not detract from your badassery.

I am going to share all my tools with you, so that you can skip the drama of learning how to your love oneself by seeking validation from others, and focus on LOVING YOU exactly as you are, right now.

Through the relocation, my depression and divorce, and overcoming intensive disordered eating, I created a process to get me through the challenges that call for soul-stretching growth.

We all have challenges. Its a beautiful part of life, and I’ve had my share as well. And while I don’t believe in identifying myself as a victim or victor over challenges, I do know that who I am today is a result of my experiences.

I started taking anti-depressants when I was 11, after I failed multiple classes in grade-school. The doctors said it was a traumatic brain injury. It was also severe ADHD (another one of my superpowers that was poorly mislabeled.)

Through this I learned that who we present to the world is often a mask. And to appreciate who is inside simply takes an open loving space for our highest selves to emerge.


The teachers didnt know how to teach me, my peers didnt understand dad jokes, and I felt totally isolated. So I started people pleasing and taking on hobby’s that didnt vibe with my natural gifts.

There was always an inner rebel inside that said “Rach… what are you doing? Why am I not enough?” But I didnt know how to listen to her, I was so desparate for others approval.


Through this, I learned that I get to appreciate my own sense of humor. And that my learning style is different from others and it is MORE than OK. I learned how to teach myself, and make things work for MY brain, learning and evaluating my progress without comparing my perceived weaknesses to others perceived strengths


I got married at 19 to trot across the globe to Hunan China, where I felt an isolation I’d never felt before. Depression, a new husband who didnt know how to cope with marriage, no social support, and no way out of my English Teaching contract, I discovered binge eating for the first time.

Again, the warrior inside kept pressing. “Rachel, you are worth more. This not who you are.”

Binge eating taught me how to love my body, feel my emotions and belief in my inner strength. I learned how to commit wholeheartedly, learn with love and explore my life with curiosity instead of judgement.

Divorcing my husband was a piece of cake. Moving to China- not too bad. But binge eating was the darkest tunnel for me to work through. Yet it taught me how to love myself and my body unconditionally, even when I was really struggling.

Each obstacle helped me learn a new skill, a new way of turning TOWARDS myself. Of growing my confidence in my ability to navigate any challenge


Each trial taught me one piece of


Badassery Pillar 1: Embrace Vulnerability

Fuel and strengthen your physical body

Spiritual Connection

Connect to a higher power to support you in this journey

Emotional Management

Create a routine for proactively caring for emotions in a way that fits your lifestyle and emotional needs

Manage Negativity
Navigate through difficult emotions instead of resisting, avoiding or reacting to them.

Badassery Pillar 2: Live Authentically


Loving and accepting all parts of yourself (especially the ones you hide away)

Clarity of Purpose

Decide what you want and believe you can have it


Bring your authentic magical badass self to all relationships 


Speak your thoughts clearly and assertively,  listen intently


Badassery Pillar 3: Dream

Epic Self-Care

Fill your whole being with love, even when you mess up royally. Your self-talk becomes a constant emotional bubble bath.

Have your own Back

Release the past and embrace the future. Learn the radical transformative process of forgiveness


Set unrealistically amazing goals to create an unrealistically amazing life

Fail Resilliently

Big goals means frequent failures. Learn how to fail in a way that lights you up, not brings you down

This desire for greater confidence is a call only you can answer. All you need to do is say yes.  

This program is about helping you take control of your self-confidence.

We will increase your motivation, destroy limiting beliefs, heal old traumas, laugh joyfully and nurture the parts of you that need YOU to nurture it.

The first month you learn. We till the soil.
The second month you apply. We sow the seeds.
The third month you see the harvest.


You will start seeing results from day 1. You will learn the process of building confidence and know at all times why you are stuck.

From there, you will be a master at cultivating whatever level of emotional health you desire.

Confidence, power, strength, self-worth, epic self-care  and beyond will be yours forever.


Claire B, Thailand, Life Coach

When I came to Rachel, I felt overwhelmed. I spent a lot of time procrastinating and was stuck in aiming for perfection.

I started noticing changes in my confidence and self-compassion and the time it took me to complete my work tasks.

I have overcome procrastination, am putting myself out there and saying how I feel more and more now.

Rachel was very good at getting to the root of an issue and I would highly recommend her services for anyone who is ready to stop procrastinating and take action.

What’s Different About This Program?

The Badass Academy is not just coaching. It is classes, learning modules for on-the-go listening, application steps and a practical framework that will get you results when you follow the steps.

Yes, this program is about mindset, healing and learning about yourself.

Coaching happens every single day as you show up and ask questions for the 6 month experience.

I show you how to stop playing the negative stories on repeat, and develop solid coping skills for your mind and emotions.

It is Co-Creation at its finest.


Megelyn Hokanson, Doula, Marriage and Family Therapist

Taking the time everyday to work through the “Learning to Love You” worksheets has really helped me uncover what prevents me from loving myself.

I have become more confident and aware of who I really am, which is reducing my urge to binge.

It only took a few minutes each day, but those minutes were so valuable! I’m doing them again!

In The Badass Academy Program you will learn how to have unconditional self confidence

You don’t have to feel like a fully fledged badass to learn these skills.

The steps will take you from doubt to confidence as you practice them. Even if you have inconsistent spurts of confidence, you can make it your norm.

Here is a breakdown of what you will learn in the 12 Week signature 1-1 Program


This is how we will get you to feeling TOTALLY IN LOVE with yourself, your life and confident in your ability to handle any challenge that comes your way.

Foundations- Problem-The real reason you don’t feel confident, and how to locate it at any given time.

Foundations- The Solution– What to do when you find the real cause of lack of confidence

Badass Goals-The goal setting process for creating any result you want.

Clarity– Exactly what you see your life being like and why you want it.

Emotional Skills– Develop coping skills before problematic behaviors and feelings surface

Your Relationship with Yourself– Knowing and loving your past, loving and accepting your present self

How to Release the Past– Cut energetic ties (its a little woo and a lot of fun) to untangle your current self from your past ways of thinking

Luscious Self-Talk– Treat yourself better than you expect others to treat you.

Building the Future– Put your dreams in the drivers seat to be the protagonist of your own story

Creating Results from Confidence– Learn from mistakes to build trust with yourself

The 12 Step Process- Putting it all together.– Tying the framework together

Making the decision to sign up for this program is the first decision in having your back, no matter what happens.

Choosing something different than you have chosen before is an act of courage.

It is you going against the grain of what your brain is programmed to do. You know it will require you to make changes, and that you may come up against taking actions you thought were previously too hard.

You are not crazy.

I had doubts before as well, before I saw the power that unconditional self-confidence could really make in my life.

I was there too before I signed up for my first coach, and decided that I was committed to showing up for me in a bold new way.

I had no idea the difference that it would make. That I’d be able to look at my body with love, truly believing that it was perfect.

That I could make a goal, have it take longer than I want, and STILL show up and have hella fun in the process.

That even when I felt like shit, I could still feel lit up by a vision of a more evolved self.

And that she was alongside me every step, cheering me on.



Miriam Dabrowa,Founder- Virgo Magazine, Russia

As a direct result of the coaching sessions, with Rachel I finally made the decision to set up my own company and go back to physical activity.

I feel more in power of my decisions, more clear on what I want to achieve and my next steps.

I now know that “bad things can happen in life’ but so what?

I can handle them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! This 12 week 1-1 has 2 options for payment. This will all be discussed on your Discovery Call.

We recommend up front payment because you will save ~800 bucks, and you will be full-on in on commitment for seeing blow-your-socks-off results.

What should I expect on this Discovery Call?
The call has 3 sections. Coaching, Discussion and Decision.

In the coaching session, you have a chance to talk over any unwanted results you have in your life. We look at emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual health, and how you are currently making decisions in this area of life.

This section is about helping you see why you are stuck, and why what you are doing is not working, and what you need to do instead to get you the desired result.

The second portion is Discussion, where we talk about the Badass Confidence Program and what it might change in your life, and what is holding you back from getting the kind of confidence you desire and deserve.

The third section is Decision, where we decide together if you are a good fit for the program. Its low-pressure and a mutual decision.

No matter the decision we make together, you will walk away with a new understanding of the problem, and a new lens for the solution.

How do I secure my spot?
How to secure your spot in 3 simple steps

1: Book a Discovery Call and show up ready to discuss all things confidence related.

We will walk through the result you want to create, then together, decide if the program is a good fit for you.

2: Make your payment then receive all your digital materials and bonuses

3: We’ll set up your first appointment then and get you rolling!

Its normal to have thoughts like:

Ive tried so many things before and it hasn’t worked yet.

There are too many things about me that I need to fix before I can feel REALLY confident.

Why is this any different?

I have no idea where I’d start.

I have too many goals I want to work on.

I’m too isolated in the current global situation.

I’m afraid my current mental health will make it too hard.

It’s going to be harder for me than for everyone else.

What if it doesn’t work?

What if I do all this work and I STILL don’t have the confidence I desire?
One of the first things you’ll learn in the Confidence Program is how to lay the foundation for a new relationship with yourself, and how to change your thinking to that of the superhero woman you have inside of you.

These thoughts are TOTALLY normal, and nothing has gone wrong.

It just means you are doing something different, and taking a leap of faith towards a different future.

You can totally do this.


Rosa S, Taiwan, Project Manager Imp/Export

When I came to Rachel, I felt depressed and anxious. I spent a lot of time to put myself together and trying to stay stronger and was stuck in a unstable mentality that easily pull myself down to the dark

I think Rachel’s coaching session can provide people a different perspective of view to re-evaluate what we believed to certain things. I now have a tool can help me to discover the true reason behind my action pattern.
It makes me aware of my mindset and makes me believe that I do have several options to deal with my emotion.

I now believe that I have the ability to achieve things I want. All I have to do is to redirect my thought and let that thought serve me to acquire the things I want.

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