A-Line Coaching for the Creative

(and currently confused) Life Coach.


I’m Rachel.

Certified Life Coach, Emotions Lover, Brainstormer, Entrepreneur.

The Problem…

I get it. You are a life coach. Whip smart, ready to serve the socks off your people.

You want to make that 100k, create the healthy body.

Tell your hubby exactly what you want…

But you can’t seem to figure out HOW.

And when you ask “how,” you get the question “what is your thought about that?” Or… if you did know, what would you do?

Or even more frustratingly, “you won’t know the how until it has been achieved.”

Look, I love these questions, but sometimes we just need to activate our innovative brains!

Confusion blocks our inner knowing.

Why it’s a problem…

Confusion is there simply because we are trying to solve a problem from our past experience,

Instead of building the skill of living from the powerhouse future self who has blown. her freaking mind.

A-Line strategies to help you figure out HOW is all about shifting the confusion into confidence, innovation and creativity. Encouraging massive action from a T-line that is swilling inside of you, ready to step in.

This 4-step process is designed to help you do just that.

1: Identify and release confusion.

3: Step into the future self. I give you powerful questions to get you there quickly, and vibe with HER energy.

2: Release emotional past hurts so you can fill that in with curiosity

4: Let grand ideas flow. Decide where to look to brainstorm further.

Identify new weird thoughts.

That lead to innovative ideas. Experimentation. Fun and playful Intimacy with your business.

Don’t let the “how do I do it” question hold you back anymore

The A-line is inside of you. All it takes is a key into the portal of your magical brain, a sprinkle of failure tolerance, and an attitude of experimentation.

A Little Background on Me….

Ideator and Project Manager (2015 – 2017)

The whole point of startup entrepreneurship is to answer the questions:

What is the problem? What is the solution? And how in the world can we get this product to market?

Fortunately, thanks to plenty of mentorship, brainstorming sessions and late nights, we made it!

Full business plan and all, my team and I built our baby from an idea to a full fledged company.

Without knowing how. Just knowing our WHY.

Curriculum Developer and Teacher, Shanghai China(2018 – 2021)
Say what you like about living abroad, I owe my grit and street smarts to this experience.

I remember walking on the streets wondering… how am I going to get where I am going? I can’t even read the signs or ask locals for directions.

The thought that served me: I have no idea what I am doing but I am going to figure it out.

Every day, through the anxiety of social overwhelm, wierd foods like stinky tofu, caterpillar and scorpion, I asked myself… Once I DO know how to navigate the city, how will I be living?

My time abroad taught me the first skill in the A-Line Master framework…


P.S. When you let yourself be clueless with what you are doing, your brain finds magical shortcuts.

Like noticing that cars had to stop at stoplights, but if I rode a bike, I could follow the flow of traffic to legally run red lights.

Kind of fun huh?

Certified Life Coach (2018 – Forever)
Hello Covid and Mental Health Crisis. Hello Uncertainty and the IMPOSSIBILITY of knowing what the next steps for my future held.

Its crazy… when shit hits the fan, we find our greatest ideas.

I just knew… Ive been teaching for 12 years. Marriage and family, wilderness survival, professional theater performance, cooking, I could do it.

I started hosting webinars in our local community. Teaching people the power of their brains.

Signing clients while helping my fellow expats ground into their resourcefulness.

Despite past business failures, the time for RELEASING old hurts came.

The mission of The Badass Academy was way more important.

People needed my help.

Your People need your help.

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