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Hi, I’m Rachel Shumway

certified Life and Weight Coach. And fellow badass. Welcome to my world

where you get to have fun smashing weights, breaking ceilings, increasing mental resillience and applying workout principles to all areas of life.

Why do you want to exercise? What goals do you want for your workouts?

What does success in your exercise look overall?

Do you have a track record of achieving your goals?

According to Harvard Business review, people who write down their goals are over 80% more likely to achieve them.

If this is not you yet, don’t worry. I got you 🙂

The very first step to acheiving your goal is to SET IT. And write it down.

I get it. Making a huge goal for yourself can feel overrated at times.

That’s why Ive created something just for you.

The 12 Steps to Badassery Training

A 12 Step Framework to help you set goals, acheive them, and enjoy every step of the way.

The time spent in the acheiving of the goal is only 5% of the time. So why not learn how to enjoy the other 95% of the whole process?

Set and Acheive Huge Goals. Badassery Skill 11/12. Workout style….

Here is the key: If you want to workout and really feel strong, its important to know how you are progressing. At The Badass Academy, I like to use exercise as a playground for figuring out how I view my life. You set a workout goal, then every single day becomes a chance to move towards it. Its easy to have fun when you track your progress daily. The way I teach/advocate for goal setting means you set goals for the evolution. For who you become as you go along. For improving your # of consecutive pullups, AND for improving your overall emotional health. In this post, you’ll learn what a badass goal is, how to set them in the workout context, and a breakdown of the Badassery Goals Framework. This includes info on failure, planning and how to keep it simple. Though this post is going out in May, way after new years resolution time has passed, i find it particularly relevant to keep motivation and inspiration high, so that you can set goals and achieve them. the follow through is key here.

Badass Goal Setting

For a deep deep dive goal-setting course, check out the badass goals setting course. Over 3 hours of video content, a 100 page workbook and 1 years worth of journal prompts. USE COUPON CODE BADASSERY TO GET $100 OFF THIS AMAZING OFFER

Heya! Im Rachel Shumway, creator of The Badass Academy. I am a self-proclaimed badass.

And… also a human. Which means I have days when my inner child is beaten down, and I feel like I am the only person in the world who has not found her way yet.
I don’t believe Im a badass IN SPITE of those things, I know I am a badass because of them.

I believe:
Life is a forging chamber.
It is meant to have moments of total ecstasy, joy, play, excitement, peace and power.
And wholehearted living means that the whole human experience also contains moments of grief, loss, depression, pain, discomfort and vulnerability.

A badass says yes to all of it.

And it is the most rewarding journey I have ever placed myself on.
The International women who walk beside me on this journey can attest to the power of truth rising within spirit to cut through the bullshit that transpires in this world.

We are far from perfect. And that is a beautiful thing.

Before jumping into skill 11, Set and Achieve Badass Goals, its important to get some context of this skill, and the framework I created for it. The Badassery framework is a set of 12 skills that you can develop one by one to evolve into the highest version of yourself. This post is about Badassery Skill 3, create, redirect and feel emotions.  Each of the 3 pillars are supported 4 skills,or components as I like to call them. So if you feel a weakness in any of the three pillars, you can look deeper to see what strategy to impliment.

Pillar 1- Choosing the Vulnerability and Discomfort of Growth

Skill 1 God-Spirit trust and connection
Skill 2 Mind-body trust and connection
Skill 3 Create, feel, visualize and redirect emotion
Skill 4 Embrace Uncertainty and Discomfort

Pillar 2: Live Authentically

Skill 5 Self-Acceptance
Skill 6 Clarity of Purpose in Life
Skill 7 Confidence in Building and Maintaining Relationships
Skill 8 Assertive Communication


Skill 9: Create Physical and Emotional Safety through self-care Skill 10: Stand for what you believe Skill 11: Set high personal development goals Skill 12 Fail Forward and Rise with Resillience

Setting Goals for Exercise and Life

Below is the first chapter from my course on Badass Goal setting. Ive added in some things here and there to tie it back to exercise…. “One of the first things that happens when we set a goal is that our brain freaks out and starts to tell us why its impossible. why it won’t happen, can’t happen, it will be scary, blah blah blah. (eg I cant make a regular habit of exercise because I always lose motivation. I couldn’t possible set a goal for a 135# Squat clean! Thats more than my body weight!” Usually what we do then is change the goal to be more realistic, reasonable. SMART goals. Truly this means we lower our standard to make it more comfortable. This pattern leads to very slow and often unsatisfying progress. So we shy away from setting huge goals. We don’t want to be uncomfortable or disappointed because we think we won’t follow through. But when you start with a goal in mind, with a different way of viewing it, your brain cant freak out and scale back to comfort. (I KNOW I can’t do 15 pullups in a row right now, but that’s the point! I’m going to fail so many times but I will get there eventually.) You already know your goal is impossible. You already know that you’ll fail. So what then? Your brain cant complain then. You already decided you’ll fail, and you’ve decided how to handle it. Its the difference between going skydiving expecting it to be a float in the lazy river, or going skydiving knowing it will be exhilarating, scary as hell and so worth the ride. So what’s the point? If you know you’ll fail, why would you do it? Well if you don’t try, you fail.


The definition of failure is: the omission of action required to achieve a result. So by not setting the goal, or even trying, we fail ahead of time. We set a goal and then give up before we give it 1000%, taking the necessary actions required to achieve it. By not trying, you are already living your worst case scenario. People think its better this way, because we think “we didn’t lose out on time, we avoided the discomfort and disappointment” But if you dont set the goal, you not only miss out on any possibility of achievement, but also you live a life, knowing that you want to try for something more. You lose out on the learning, the becoming, the possibility of knowing what could have been.”

What are Your Limits?

 When you look at your previous New Years Resolutions or workout goals, how are you faring? What is the challenge you are facing now?

Here is the thing. If you have lowered your goal, you have lowered your limit and therefore lowered your motivation. If you decided to set a goal that feels safe, reachable and comfortable, then you have automatically lowered your motivation for it.

If you decided you were going to shoot for the 15 pullups by December 31, and you don’t show up and put in your reps, so you change your goal to 9 pullups, you are failing ahead of time.

Thats right. by you lowering your goal, you lowered your motivation. Because the amount of energy required to get moving is the same, whether it be for a huge goal of a tiny one. When you lower the bar to stay closer to your comfort zone, you are in essence saying that you will give up because you think you cannot do it.

But how do you know what your limits are if you don’t push them? Badassery skill 11/12 is setting unrealistic goals, for the sake of seeing what you can achieve. In the workout community, it is easy to get caught up in the “her body looks leaner” and “she’s been going at it for longer” and comparing our metrics with others. Especially because that information is readily available for us.

But that is a beautiful thing! You can see others progress as PROOF that you can do it, or you can see it as proof that you aren’t doing enough. Both are equally available to you. Which one will you choose?
Still With Me? Are you thinking… Thats great Rach. I do set goals for myself, I go do my WODS 5x a week, but I still stand at the back of the class because. Idon’t want people to see….. (insert whatever you are hiding from)

Or you might be thinking… it makes sense when you apply it to working out. I know I will make progress if I show up and just keep trying. But what about in life? In business and in relationships? How do I know if I am progressing there? What do I do when progress seems slow in the arena of life?

You’re going to want to grab the 12 Steps to Badassery Training. I break down exactly how to apply mindset skills to this badass goal, so that instead of feeling like crap when you don’t reach the goal, you learn every step of the way. You see the evolutionary process right before your eyes.

I outlined it for you super simply, step by step, one skill at a time, just like you like it. Grab yours right now while the price is just right for you!

Using Committment to Test your Limits

What is your mountain today? And what are your limits?

A recent example- I was hiking a mountain in Yunnan, China during our national holiday. The terrain was steep, snowy and elevation higher than Everest base camp. Here is an exerpt from my journal, recalling the experience from a perspective of goal setting.

4680 meters (15,354 feet) above sea level. My limits are higher than that. I know because I climbed that mountain.


$20,000 in one month. My limits are higher than that. I know because I have made and spent more than that amount. I know because my capacity to create is infinite. Therefore so is my capacity to receive.


30 pullups in 3 minutes. My limits are higher than that. I know because I watch other crossfit athletes do more. And I know that the difference between them and me is how many reps they have put in.


How do I know? Because I push them. I decide to trek up. I decide to create a new future. I tell my body to prepare for exertion.


I know my committment level because I have decided that I am in it until I get the result.


Are you committed? If you don’t acheive your goal, will you give me $50k? That’s how you know how committed you are.



What are your mountains... continued

I dont supplement with oxygen on the way to the top. I want the authentic experience. I’m pulled by a future lined with etherial sparkles of possibility. I watch as other young, fit, capable hikers constantly inhale whipped-cream dispenser sized oxygen tanks designed to remove the uncomfortable but harmless  altitude sickness. Coddled from this discomfort, they run up the stairs, passing me as if they were stronger. Spring in their step, not an ounce of lightheadeddness. Maybe they were right. But maybe not. It doesn’t matter to me. Because I climb the mountain with the strength of my legs, the force of my breath and the gratitude for the sun keeping me warm. If I’d  take the oxygen, I wont know if I legit can do it. That’s what’s so beautiful about Badassery goals. They exhilarate you and scare the pants off you. Maybe make you a bit sick. Embarking on the journey willingly, just for the hell of knowing what you are capable of. For the new self you’ll have to become to arrive there. For the view at the top and the somewhat sadistic pain of the inevitable discomfort. 2021 has just begun. And I feel it’s power in the particles of snow around me.
Is your badass goal to lose weight? This program was created just for you- weight loss from love, all in a 30 day blueprint.

The 4 Step Process. How to make Exercise and Life Goals Work Together




Step 1: Set a goal. A huge one. One that makes you want to throw up.

Example: I want to lose the last 15 pounds for the last time. This will be done by June 30 2021 (8 weeks from now.) the measureable result is that the scale will read 130 Lbs, which is 15 lbs lower than my current weight of 145 lbs.

Step 2: Watch your brain tell you all the reasons it is impossible. Rely on it, count on it, thank your brain for it. Because every single one of these reasons is an obstacle. And isnt it so much better to go into a mountain climbing trip knowing what obstacles will be coming up ahead, so you can prepare for them?

Nicholas Lore in his book “Pathfinders” calls these thoughts Yeahbuts.

Yeahbut Ill have cravings. Ive never done it before. I always give up. I always lose heart. I am in quaruntine. Its normal to put on stress weight. Winter just passed. My boyfriend brings pizza home every day. I have a history of eating when I am overwhelmed. Healthy food is too expensive/inconvenient. I don’t have time to cook.  These are just random mumbo jumbo from the lower brain. Brain farts as I refer to in my Badass Goal Setting Course.

Step 3: Plan for the obstacles. How can you face them? Do you need to learn something? Do you need to practice feeling more fear? (more on feeling emotions in this post)

You have your list of yeahbuts. Now turn them into so whats.

Ill have cravings. So what? I will learn the skill of allowing an urge without eating (as talked about in my Eat like a Badass 30 day challenge.)

I always give up. So what? Obviously that is not true because if you had given up you would not be reading this blog post. You would not have put in the effort to learn how to grow your skillset to lose the weight. And so what if you had missteps in the past? That literally has no bearings on your future performance.

Every single time you try again is a new try. You can let go of those old stories.

My boyfriend brings home pizza every day. So what?
I can ask him to eat it at the store. If he does not, I can make sure I have my own food prepped.
I can practice allowing more urges. I can remember that his choices and my choices do not have to be the same.
I can be an example to him.
I can remove myself from the pizza situation and strengthen my ability to be around food that normally makes me want to overeat.

You get the gist?

Are you stuck?

1: Grab my free Badassery Checklist. When you are setting and achieving your goal, you can use any of the badassery skills to help you. And doing this process every day helps you feel immediately more confident and empowered.

2: Learn more about creating your own pep talk and affirmations in the 12 steps to badassery course. Not only do I break down the badassery framework in depth, but there are loads of goodies and bonuses to help you really believe new things in a way that is fun and powerful.

3: send a message over to rachel@thebadassacademy.com and tell me: what do you think you need to change in order to feel like enough? Ill see if we can create a new personalized affirmation for ya😉

The 4 Steps Continued


(An alternative to SMART goals)

Step 4: Gear up. And remember the 3 components of badassery.

1: Embrace vulnerability (hello big goal. Have you noticed how vulnerability and fear of failure pop up when you set a big goal?)

Trying again is hard. My brain does not like this change, and I know I am going to have to give up some things, and that process might be painful but this is important to me. I might fail but I will never give up.

2: Live authentically. This goal is YOURS. It is the desire of your heart. And you do not have to explain your goal to anyone. You do not have to discount it or tune it down. You can choose to tell the world or tell nobody. But ask yourself- WHY do I want this? Tap into that…. and your badass goal will become even more clear.

I want to look good in a bikini. Or I want to be an example for my kids. Or I want to feel vibrant and healthy. Or my doctor reccomended I need to lose this weight. Or If I can do this, nothing else in the world is impossible.

You find YOUR why. It does not matter if it is grand or “noble” or serviceable for others. The reason is YOURS. If you like it, you are under no obligation to justify that to anyone.

3: Play big. Don’t settle. When you are embracing vulnerability and doing it from a place that feels good and true to who you are, you CAN and WILL desire to dream bigger. Because you will be willing to feel afraid. To fail. To risk it all.


So there you have it folks. These three components are the foundation for the process of life. In the arena. As Brene Brown puts it, daring greatly. To learn more about the badassery skills, you can check out the daily badassery framework checklist, or if you are ready to resurrect your inner badass daily, you can do a super deep dive in my mini-course, 12 Steps to Badassery. Its a training, a book, a meditation, workbook, journal prompts, so much goodness in there.
You are ready to join. You don’t need to learn more first. You do not need to wait until a sign comes from the universe. Your desire is sign enough. Your inner strength has prepared you.
Come climb your next mountain with me.

Just like carrots can’t grow without carrot seeds being planted, our emotions are the seeds for our actions.

And our thoughts are the quality of the soil we plant them in.

So how do you change from feeling bleh to YEAH at any given time?

Well when farmers farm, they don’t just throw seeds in the ground right?they plan what goes where. They till the soil. They sow the seeds and nurture it till they can harvest the fruit of their labor.

We can do the same thing. Tend to the weeds by noticing thoughts that don’t serve us, painful stories that make us react in a way we dont like.

Take the time to Check in on your mental state. Ask yourself if you are playing small? Are you giving into your yeahbuts or planning for ways to overcome them?

Process whatever feelings might be there. Your fears are allowed to be there. Go into your body with a simple body scan Is there tension anywhere? Heat or coolness? Lightness or heaviness? Pressure or movement?

Feel the fear. And then take massive action.

A badass emotional life- achieving and learning from failures is an intentional two way street. You monitoring the fields, noticing the weeds of negative thoughts and pulling them out. watering the plants with words of affirmation, powerful pep talks and gratitude.

And its planting good seeds. If you know you don’t want to eat anger for breakfast tomorrow, you’ve got to plant stories of patience. If you decide you want to feel motivated, you have to create a fertile ground for your desires to take root. It’s not a magical emotion that simply falls on you.

The good thing is that epic self care, clear communication, self love, achieving goals, feeling better, eating healthier, not binge eating, getting enough sleep, embracing failure, feeling worthy and Confidence, making friends easier… Whatever result we want can all benefit from the skill of FEELING ON PURPOSE. and that’s what you will learn in the 12 Steps to Badassery Training. You can learn even more about that here.

Ready To Feel like Enough on your Badassery Journey?

Check Out These Resources Below!

Eat Like a Badass

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Badass Goal Setting

A deep dive Course into Badass Goal setting. Use Coupon Code BADASSERY to get this course, valued over $800, for just $27 today.

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