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Hi, I’m Rachel Shumway

Life Coach, Crossfitter, Expat and Self-Proclaimed Badass.

Welcome to my world, where you get to break the past stories. and be whoever you want to be.

Your WOD score is not your Worthiness of the Day Score…

Do you hide in the back of your workout class because you dont want to play the body-comparison game?

Do you catch yourself using negative self-talk to get your lifts higher and times faster?


Do me a favor…… STOP and take a breath in. You ARE enough. It is possible that you, right now, without changing anything about yourself, are perfect whole and complete.

I totally feel you. Its easy to compare yourself to others who have been in the game longer than you.

That’s why Ive created something just for you.

The 12 Steps to Badassery Training

A 12 Step Framework to get you from just getting by, to a space where you are working WITH yourself, and getting in a damn good workout at the same time.

it is normal to want to compare yourself to others. to think about how “i finished last again.” but what if you really could just compete against yourself?

Know and Love Yourself- I am Enough.

Badassery Skill 5/12


You want to feel like your making progress. I get it. To know you are strong enough. And you are all those things. Im going to give you affirmations on self-love, strength, love and worthiness.

And in this post I am going to break down negative beliefs you have about your inner worth.

In this post, you will get the badass worthiness affirmations that you can use in your workouts and in the real world. and walk away with answers to these questions:

1: Who am “I”
2: What is “enough”
3: Who gets to decide when I am enough?


This skill, knowing and loving ALL parts of yourself is skill 5/12 in the Badassery Framework.

Heya! Im Rachel Shumway, creator of The Badass Academy. I am a self-proclaimed badass.

And… also a human. Which means I have days when my inner child is beaten down, and I feel like I am the only person in the world who has not found her way yet.
I don’t believe Im a badass IN SPITE of those things, I know I am a badass because of them.

I believe:
Life is a forging chamber.
It is meant to have moments of total ecstasy, joy, play, excitement, peace and power.
And wholehearted living means that the whole human experience also contains moments of grief, loss, depression, pain, discomfort and vulnerability.

A badass says yes to all of it.

And it is the most rewarding journey I have ever placed myself on.
The International women who walk beside me on this journey can attest to the power of truth rising within spirit to cut through the bullshit that transpires in this world.

We are far from perfect. And that is a beautiful thing.

Before jumping into skill 5, create, know and ❤️ All parts of self, its important to get some context of this skill, and the framework I created for it. The Badassery framework is a set of 12 skills that you can develop one by one to evolve into the highest version of yourself. This post is about Badassery Skill 3, create, redirect and feel emotions.  Each of the 3 pillars are supported 4 skills,or components as I like to call them. So if you feel a weakness in any of the three pillars, you can look deeper to see what strategy to impliment.

Pillar 1- Choosing the Vulnerability and Discomfort of Growth

Skill 1 God-Spirit trust and connection
Skill 2 Mind-body trust and connection
Skill 3 Create, feel, visualize and redirect emotion
Skill 4 Embrace Uncertainty and Discomfort

Pillar 2: Live Authentically

Skill 5 Self-Acceptance
Skill 6 Clarity of Purpose in Life
Skill 7 Confidence in Building and Maintaining Relationships
Skill 8 Assertive Communication

Pillar 3- Play Big and Set Big Personal Development Goals

Skill 9: Create Physical and Emotional Safety through self-care Skill 10: Stand for what you believe Skill 11: Set high personal development goals Skill 12 Fail Forward and Rise with Resillience

Beginner affirmations (theres more down at the bottom)

Damn I am strong My enoughness is fixed I am capable of creating massive amounts of energy I am enough because I AM I am worthy of more than I can ever imagine I am unavailable for believing negative bullshit I know I can keep pushing

Mindset coach hack on creating your own affirmations: With my clients, I always play the reverse game. Whatever you catch yourself thinking that you are not strong enough, incapable, less than others, too heavy, too thin, too weak, anything that feels yucky or hurtful, flip it upside down and say the exact opposite. Sometimes that quick flip is enough to shock the brain into believing something new quickly!

"Enough" Definition

The word enough is kind of like a ghost- you see it, you see its a word, but when you search for the meaning, your hand slips through. Dictionary-wise, “enough” means a quality or quantity sufficient for satisfaction. So enough means your sufficiently satisfied. Again, completely subjective. Enough is not defined by external things. Enough isn’t the amount of money, food, people. Enough isn’t any specific thing or number. Its defined by our brains. Badasses do not just look to their own minds though. They recognize that they are super badass in and of themselves, but with the divine power, that power is exponentialized. Overflowing. Capacity and potential beyond what any company, project or mind can comprehend. Believing “its enough” is what makes it enough because its completely subjective. The feeling of sufficiency comes from a decision that sufficiency is here.

So am I enough?

Well who am I? I am me, my soul, my heart, essence, spirit. I am not my body, my work, my hair, my belly, my business, my relationship status.

I am a collection of cells. My original cell, a sperm and an egg, (thanks mom and dad for having good genes) had innately engrained it the capability of reproducing, one cell at a time. There was programming in that little cell that knew, without explanation other than divine programming, exactly how to grow and replicate to build the structures that make up my body.

I dont understand the science behind how my psychological and mental and spiritual self were created, but I would imagine it looked very similar. Just with more divine guidance.

And when God made me, CREATED me, CREATED you, I picture him saying “dang. Rachel is ready.” Send her down to earth.

She said- “look at the good work we did. SHE is ready. Lets let the earth-children make her a body.”

God said- she is enough. What other authority are we trying to get permission of our enoughness from, than the whole entire grand spirit of the universe?

WOD Affirmations for Daily Life

Every Rep builds Strength My Mind keeps me going when my body feels weak This pain in my body doesnt mean anything is wrong- it just means I am at the edge of my current limits I could lift twice as much Everyone is cheering for me I am in this for me I love the body I am creating right now
Still With Me? Are you thinking… Thats great Rach. I believe I am enough sometimes, but I really don’t know how I can just believe that.

Or you might be thinking… I am barely getting by as it is. How can I feel worthy when I still get road rage, turn things in late and eat cake when I am sad?
I always set goals but lose motivation when things get hard. I am so afraid to put myself out there because what if I fail?

You’re going to want to grab the 12 Steps to Badassery Training. I break down exactly how to love the hell out of the parts of yourself you might hid away right now. And I teach you step by step EXACTLY what you need for epic self care in any given moment.

I outlined it for you super simply, step by step, one skill at a time, just like you like it. Grab yours right now while the price is just right for you!

I am a crossfitter. I am me, I am fucking amazing.


My weight, my scores, my “paleo-percentage” is just extra.

Enough is not some undefined point in the future. You don't have to earn it. It was given to you.

I am a vessel. I am a perfect, whole and complete crystal chalice. To be placed on a shelf and admired for its simplicity and complexity. To stand in awe of its mere existence. And whatever I place inside- water, juice, marbles, candies, pennies; achievements, relationships, contribution, connection, healing. Whatever it is- is simply extra. That is what it means when people say- I am enough simply because I am human. We are all chalices from the palace.

WOD Affirmations to Integrate:

For Community, Patience with the Process and Body Love

I have a built in support system The other members buoy me up when I am struggling All I need to do is stay with the breath and keep counting I choose this challenge because of what I know I will become through it My body is a fucking miracle I am one with my body as I breathe, count and keep focused on the goal
Change your eating habits from a place of love and unconditional acceptance in my 30 day Stop Overeating Challenge

How to Shift from Not-Enough to Enough

Step 1: Define who you are. At your essence. At your core. At your best. When fear plays no part and hate has no hold.
Step 2: Identify parts of yourself you “wish were not there.” Ask yourself: how is this part FOR me? What can it teach me, how does it try to protect me? If it needed my uncontional love, why might that be?
Step 3: Determine who gets to decide when enough is enough. Who do you want to make that decision for you? What would it be like to decide that for yourself now? To give yourself that gift and let everything else go?
Step 4: Embody the feeling of “enough.” Think back to a time when you felt an abundance of energy, love, compassion or strength. Even in a very small sense, can you feel the sensations in your body? Can you visualize their power?
Step 5: Practice. Awareness. Release, Redefine and Embody.


All these steps, and more are broken down in baby steps for you in my 12 steps to Badassery Training.

If you want to join a tribe of women, loving themselves into higher levels of achievement and self-love…


Next Steps

1: Grab my free Badassery Checklist. There is a place for you to connect these affirmations with the skills of badassery you need for that day

2: Learn more about creating your own pep talk and affirmations in the 12 steps to badassery course. Not only do I break down the badassery framework in depth, but there are loads of goodies and bonuses to help you really believe new things in a way that is fun and powerful.

3: send a message over to rachel@thebadassacademy.com and tell me: what do you think you need to change in order to feel like enough? Ill see if we can create a new personalized affirmation for ya😉


Just like carrots can’t grow without carrot seeds being planted, our emotions are the seeds for our actions.

And our thoughts are the quality of the soil we plant them in.

So how do you change from feeling bleh to YEAH at any given time?

Well when farmers farm, they don’t just throw seeds in the ground right?they plan what goes where. They till the soil. They sow the seeds and nurture it till they can harvest the fruit of their labor.

We can do the same thing. Tend to the weeds by noticing thoughts that don’t serve us, painful stories that make us react in a way we dont like.

Take the time to Check in on your mental state. Ask yourself who is deciding whether or not you are enough?

Ask ourselves how we are feeling. Feel the physical sensations of our fingers and toes.

Process whatever feelings might be there. Go into your body with a simple body scan Is there tension anywhere? Heat or coolness? Lightness or heaviness? Pressure or movement?

A badass emotional life- a deep mind body connection is an intentional two way street. You monitoring the fields, noticing the weeds of negative thoughts and pulling them out. watering the plants with words of affirmation, powerful pep talks and gratitude.

And its planting good seeds. If you know you don’t want to eat anger for breakfast tomorrow, you’ve got to plant stories of patience. If you decide you want to feel motivated, you have to create a fertile ground for your desires to take root. It’s not a magical emotion that simply falls on you.

The good thing is that epic self care, clear communication, self love, achieving goals, feeling better, eating healthier, not binge eating, getting enough sleep, embracing failure, feeling worthy and Confidence, making friends easier… Whatever result we want can all benefit from the skill of FEELING ON PURPOSE. and that’s what you will learn in the 12 Steps to Badassery Training. You can learn even more about that here.

Ready To Feel like Enough on your Badassery Journey?

Check Out These Resources Below!

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